Throwback to the 70's with 2020 interior design trends

As we step into a new decade, 2020 interior design trends are taking a large step back to the 1970's. We have already seen a huge resurgence in the distinct natural boho style from the 70’s this year. Here’s the 5 main features of this trend…

Earthy Tones

Also experiencing a resurgence is the 70's earthy and bold colour palette. We're seeing shades of mustard, terracotta, olive green and dusty pink. Get your home down to earth by incorporating these through accent items, like a dusty pink arm chair or keep it smaller with a cable knit throw and some cushions.


Macrame is a huge 70's trend that originally saw its return in 2018 but has been steadily present in interior design since. Macrame wall hangings are ever popular to create a feature in a hallway or above your bed. If you're an indoor plant enthusiast, then another great way to incorporate this feature in your home is through the use of macrame plant hangers.


Another popular material that is making a comeback is wood, but not just any wood, specifically rattan. Light and breezy, rattan is great for small spaces and adds a beautiful earthy hue to any room. You can feature a large accent item like a shelving unit or smaller items such as pendants, ottomans or planters.

Indoor Plants

As we strive to re-connect with nature there is no better way to bring the outdoors in than with indoor plants. While indoor plants have been in vogue for a while they were also a huge trend in the 70's. However, if you aren't ready to put your green thumb to the test, you're in luck, as dried flowers and plants, such as Pampas Grass, Lavender and Cotton, are 2020's new Monstera and Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Terrazzo's Big Comeback

Move over white Carrara marble, terrazzo is back! With the rise in the use of natural materials, terrazzo is becoming ever present in interior design trends. You can go as big or as small as you'd like with this retro feature, whether it's flooring, splashbacks, benchtops or small decor pieces.