Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2018

1. White & Coloured Cabinetry

White and grey will continue to be popular in 2018 however expect the
introduction of more colours. Think navy blue, olive green, charcoal and
even black
with natural timbers. Dual tone cabinetry is an easy way to
introduce colour without it over powering the space. Concealed
appliances, such as fridges,
dishwasher’s even small appliances like toasters, will assist in
achieving the minimalist look that is desired by many.

2. Brass & Matte Black Tap Ware/Hardware

Brass is the new copper! While copper has been incredibly popular it is
time to move on. Brass tap ware and hardware is on the rise and is
expected to
be extremely popular in 2018. Additionally, matte black is a common
choice that is also branching into appliances, such as fridges, and even
we can’t forget the classic polished chrome finish that is ever

3. Patterned & Coloured Splash Backs

Glass and mirror splash backs are no more! Colour and patterns are
predicted to be the next splash back trend. A coloured or patterned
splash back is a
great way to introduce some character into your kitchen. You can
expect to see deeper hues of colour such as purples and blues. If bold
colours and
patterns aren’t your thing then subway tiles are also a great

4. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is predicted to remain popular in 2018. Pendant lights
over island benches create a focal point and are a simple addition to
make your
kitchen more appealing. Pendants can also be very effective in
bedrooms on either side of the bed and in bathrooms over the vanity.

5. Open Shelving

Open shelving is also predicted to be popular this year. While the
minimalist trend is still popular, open shelving is a simple way to
introduce more character
without making the space too cluttered. Simply add a small pot plant
or some of your favourite cookbooks to liven up the space.