Every Fairmont Home has a 6 star energy rating

To achieve a six-star rating, the Fairmont design team carefully considers orientation, layout, zoning, insulation, windows, shading, ventilation and draught proofing.

We put a lot of focus on energy efficiency because it saves you money!

Household energy usage
heating and cooling
water heating
other appliances
fridge and freezer
stand-by appliances
data based on Baseline Energy Estimates

Window Space

Window Space

Window space can greatly impact energy efficiency. The ideal placement and number of windows is determined by the orientation of a home. Different grades of glazing can also affect the amount of thermal energy flowing in and out.

Solar Orientation

Solar Orientation

The starting point of every Fairmont Homes design is site orientation. Ideally, the design team aims for a north-south orientation to maximise northern solar exposure. If this isn't possible, they work out other options to keep energy costs to an absolute minimum.

Timber Frames

Naturally Timber

Fairmont Homes use timber frames as they are a sustainable option, a great natural insulator that uses less emissions to produce. Saving you money on the build.

Good insulation can keep a house
10° cooler in summer
warmer in winter

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