5 tips to get your styling down to earth!

As our hectic lives revolve heavily around technology we are seeing the opposite for interior styling. The Earthen Luxury trend allows us to reconnect with nature by introducing more natural and earthy colours and materials into the home. Think soft shades of grey, white, warm browns and pops of green to create a calm and airy space.

Here's 5 ways you can achieve an Earthen Luxury interior.

1. Plants

How can you reconnect with nature if you don't have any in your home? Plants add beautiful pops of colour to a home and there is no room that you couldn't include a small plant. Herb pots create a great feature in the kitchen while larger plants are perfect for the living area. For those that have trouble keeping plants alive, you can always get fake ones!

2. Wall Art

Botanical prints are another simple way to introduce an earthy theme to your home. Wall art is also perfect for those that struggle keeping plants alive as you can have a print of the perfect plant instead. Macrame wall hangings are another decor piece that is currently trending with this interior style. They are also a great way to incorporate organic materials (see feature #5).

3. Tan Leather

A feature tan leather sofa is the perfect contrast against the green of the plants or decor. However, if a large leather sofa is not your style, you can simply add tan leather cushions to an alternative neutral or grey sofa.

4. Warm Toned Wood

Wood is a great natural material that is easy to incorporate in your home. Rich warm toned wood is the most popular for this style and can feature as small or large pieces. A large wooden dining table or cabinetry can be a real stand out feature in the kitchen/meals or, for a smaller feature, a wooden coffee table in the living area.

5. Organic Fabrics

Cotton and linen are two of the most popular organic materials that are often used in this interior style. With the aim of Earthen Luxury being to create a calm and relaxing space, linen or cotton cushions and throws are perfect to style up your living area or bedroom. Tassels and fringing are also extremely popular amongst this decor.